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Blogger reveals explicit stories of homosexual “orgies” at Cambridge University

Blogger reveals explicit stories of homosexual “orgies” at Cambridge University

A bisexual writer has launched an explosive online journal exposing explicit tales of gay ”orgies” and ”tutor rendezvous” – at Cambridge University.

The blog that is controversial within the footsteps of Belle de Jour’s ‘Secret Diary of the London Call Girl’ and also the crazy stories of this ‘Oxbridge Sex Blogger’.

Inside the explicit web log ‘The Secret journal of the Cambridge Boy’ an anonymous pupil called Joseph Jezebel guarantees to reveal college life perhaps perhaps maybe not present in the prospectus.

Their first diary entry ‘The Birth of the Queen’ reveals a ”euphoric” homosexual fling with a Downing College pupil following a drink-fuelled celebration.

Joseph defines the sexual encounter in information and guarantees more stories of ”real life sexual escapades” involving ”orgies” and ”tutor rendezvous” during the college.

Talking to online pupil magazine The Cambridge Tab, Joseph promised a ‘raunchy’ real-life expose of life as a bisexual pupil during the college. Read More »

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