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News Snippet: BoE Credit Conditions Survey

Report published

In its efforts to maintain financial and monetary stability, the Bank of England conducts a quarterly survey to assess developments in the UK’s credit conditions. Bank and building society lenders participate in the survey, and a detailed report is published on it’s findings. Here is a summary of what was found in this year’s Q3 survey.

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Top Loans Report – July

Looking for the best rate on a personal loan? The team here at UK loans has decided to make life easier for you by researching the market and presenting the top deals.

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News Snippet: Subprime lending fears grow

Image of the Bank of England

This week lenders have found themselves under increasing pressure amid concerns over the consumer credit market. This follows the Bank of England’s recent directive which will see banks reserve a further £11.4BN in order to strengthen finances and mitigate the risk of bad loans.

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A Deal with the DUP: What now for your finances?

Making sense of the June Election

It’s been just over three weeks since UK voters took to polling stations and cast their votes on June 8th – a snap election which took place three years earlier than scheduled. This was called for by PM Theresa May in what was largely an effort to strengthen her hand in Brexit negotiations. What we saw however was a surprising result, one which neither the Conservative government or the financial markets had anticipated.

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How switching energy provider could save you hundreds


With wage inflation still low and many families continuing to feel the pressure financially, cutting costs is uppermost in many householders’ minds in order to free up their disposable income. One key issue that keeps recurring in the media in particular is that of the cost of domestic energy, with the so-called ‘Big Six’ energy companies coming in for repeated criticism for their charges which are often perceived to be excessive, with profits at the core of their ethos.

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